Au Papier Japonais  is a remarkable Montréal institution.  Co-owners Lorraine Pritchard and Stan Phillips offer a wide range of handmade traditional Japanese papers, as well as accessories, supplies and tools for working with this versatile material.  More than just an art supply store, there is a good selection of books on art, design and other topics.

Lorraine and Stan have long offered numerous workshops on the many ways one can create with washi, from painting, printing and collage to bookbinding and lamp making.  Lorraine is a renown artist who has long worked with Japanese paper.  You can see her mastery of craft on her website.

For the past two years, I have had the pleasure to offer workshops on water media and washi.  The classes are small, day long activities that allow participants to work with a variety of inks, paints and paper.  I will be giving workshops this November and February, [See below and on the Au Papier Japonais website under the Fine Arts tab.]

Feel free to email me for more info.  Do check out the APJ website for info on all their courses and store details.

Water Media on Washi ADD TO CART
Helen Karanika
Saturday November 24, 2018 | Saturday February 16, 2019

It is said of washi that it receives most media like an old friend you haven’t seen in years who showed up on your doorstep one day!
This course explores the warm welcome washi gives to ink, watercolour, gouache, or acrylic, and the new opportunities it offers for creative work.
Helen starts the workshop with ink markings on washi; then layers of other water media are added or used on separate sheets of paper. Once a number of such papers have been created and dried, you will use “viewfinders”—simple pieces of cardboard that can be arranged in a square or rectangle to identify parts of them that are the most pleasing.
These sections will then be cut and collaged onto a more rigid substrate to make a number of final pieces. Other sections can be used for further collages and experimentation that can take place at home.

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